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When you are too lazy, too broke, or don't have enough time to wash your clothes, but just so happen to have some Febreeze and a hair dryer handy, you college wash em'.

College washing, to be exact, is when you fill your sink, dunk the clothing item in the sink, spray with Febreeze, and dry with a hair dryer. This is usually done with shirts which doesn't have any stains per say, but are a little funky.

Perfect for the poor college student, the lazy high schooler that doesn't want to walk 20 feet to the laundry room, or the chronic stoner that is way the past "able to operate a washer/dryer" stage of highness.
Jenny: Hey can I borrow that red shirt you wore yesterday?
Becky: Sure, mind if I college wash it though?
Jenny: Not at all.
by Aly Baja November 08, 2009
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