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Largest college internship in the United States. Teaching students how to manage and operate their own residential painting business in neighborhoods in more than 19 states from California to Massachusetts. This program is legit because they train and teach you how to manage your own business venture, and they don't ask you for any money for start-up. They provide the means necessary to build your company from the ground up. The profits depend all on the student, how much work and effort you put into their business will determine how much salary they take home a week. The residential painting business is about customer service, and hard work.
The College Works Painting internship is a unique and worthwhile experience if you are looking to run your own business.
by audreyfan86 February 27, 2009
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A company that seems to good to be true, and guess what it is. They claim all sorts of things arent true including, but not limited to: Pay, # of hours working, time alocated for jobs ect. The company lie's to the managers (aka "interns"), who then lie to the painters, and in the end nobody is happy. With The managers geting no where near what they are promised by the company due to equipment expensis employee payment ect, and the painters working rigorous hours to make a schedule that is set so they can make below minimum wage. DONT DO IT!
I was a painter and i got paid very little for hard work!

College works painting is crap
by Maciej Szczepański June 25, 2009
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