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These people have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars filling the internet with LIES. They speak at schools, post ads on Craigslist, and I honestly think these people are brainwashed in to believing their own lies.

Tell motivated college students that they will make tons of money over the summer and convince them to rush in to signing contracts and selling innocent homeowners a crappy paint job.

You end up investing your own money in an internship. BIG RED FLAG. This money goes to rich CEO's.

Go read REAL testimonies of people who's college lives were ruined by this SCAM.
A lie that will make you lose money.
They ask you hypnotizing questions like,

We are interviewing 50 people today. (LIE) Does College Works Painters sound like a competitive job that you would be interested in?

We are a company that has lasted 17 years, does that sound successful?

We want to you to sign this contract to ensure your business promotion. Does that sound productive.
by Victim0fSCAMz March 17, 2010
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