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A group of gang banger who usually mob, bully and scapegoat the thought-to-be-pathetic-loner all around the college department without knowing that they are messing with the wrong person that he in turn pulls up a great and malevolent pranks towards them. They are in absent knowledge that most introverts are gifted with 3-digit IQ and they often evaluate these discreet genius for being among the weaklings. Their unfounded statement is completely erroneous that in the end these rednecks end up humiliating themselves in fiasco.
A conversation by a group of College Rednecks

Shahril: Dude, I broke my laptop and if i told my parents about it they're surely gonna kill me.
Zoul: Let's falsely accuse this loner for smashing Shahril's laptop.
Aziz: Good idea Zoul. I'm in.
Hafidz: Hopefully, we can get some money to buy our cigarettes and some hot bitches.
Sha Ryza: Brilliant! I've been longing for a box of cigarettes too.

Aniq: I'd suggest that we bring this poor fellow inside Hafidz's room and beat him in the dark.
Epul: Nice one! Let me be the executioner and torture him to make him confess.
All: YEAH!

Soon, their actions are known by the College authorities and the whole students at college are starting to hate these moronic rednecks.
by Limpahruj June 25, 2010
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