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Radical Right-Wing Organizations who seek to undermine academic freedom by censuring professors and institutions that don’t agree with them. Their biggest targets are state run colleges that could easily be punished state and federal budget cuts. Right wing activist who support these beliefs tend to covertly operate under the name of Academic Freedom. Especially since they tend to like playing the martyr when the opposition retaliates against them.
These groups and organizations tend to make the crazy claim that professors that teach the positive and negative aspects of history have anti American agenda.
College groups that support College McCarthyism tend to go around play a form of thought Police in which they investigate professor’s and college staff’s voting records and report any professors that teach classes that expose the abusive history of the Far Right.
Among the ideas of these far right wing groups is to pass a Anti-Academic-Freedom Bill of Rights.

Among the College McCarthism organizations are

Students for Academic Freedom

Accuracy in Academia

College McCarthyism supporters tend to get a huge amount of their funding from Neo Conservative Organizations.
"The College Republicans must be desperate if the are trying to promote College McCarthyism" Bill Sighed.
by ????^_^???? October 21, 2006
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