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1. A young actor who has starred in a wide variety of roles, but is currently best-known for playing a young Sam Winchester on the CW show Supernatural. Famous for looking like an exact younger replica of Jared Padalecki, who plays the adult Sam Winchester, especially for being able to mimic Sam's iconic "bitchface".

2. A slang term instituted by fangirls of Supernatural, usually Wincest fans, when a person says something of a slightly pedophilic nature, such as checking out someone underage. This almost exclusively applies to situations in which this action is accidental, when the person's minority is unknown.
1. Alex: Who played little Sammy on Supernatural? He was awesome!

Corri: Colin Ford! Wasn't he cute??
Alex: Yeah! He looked just like Jared!!
Corri: Bitchface!!

2. Alex: omg, that girl...she's freaking hot...
Corri: DUDE! Colin Ford!! She's 14!!

Alex: ..... *shame*
by lotsayaoi July 12, 2009
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