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1.) A dismal truth often laced by melodrama

2.) A immature/bitter/ not-thought-about-before-spoken, utterance, typically by someone who possibly should have been an abortion (for them and the world's sake).

3.) a hyperbolized fortune telling done by a pallid, black donning, fukko who claims to know the future
lame person: life has no meaning...its so...abysmal

person whose life sucks but still tries: it intervals...the meaning is to just find some..find what makes you happy and shit..

lame person: you find your purpose...but then what? thats temporary....

person whose life sucks but still tries: eh....well thats a Cold, Goth Truth...<mumbles underbreath> kill yourself.

lame person: huh? what'd you say?

person...: huh? what?
by MadaoxSama September 30, 2009
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