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Classified as the last conscious equipped Generation. Meaning they kind of got the way the world worked, and it's not neccessarily a 'We Are The World' place as many Gen Y parents and pop culture would have them believe. Tend to have a uniqueness about them that needs to be explained.

Defining trait is that they have characteristics of Gen X and so called Gen Y, yet do not really feel like they are part of either. Also remember the Pre-Information age society, Cold War, and the arrival of the Gulf War.

Statisticians usually start at '81 and atop at '85. Strongest alienation seems to be between '81 -'83. Is not regulated to years as this 'in limbo' feeling can go back as far as the late '70s. Seemingly making the original end dates of Gen X as the most accurate.

They might even take offense being called Cold Y and make up their own name.
"Cold Y Generation?" "What the fuck is that?"
by tRuNeTiV October 27, 2008
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