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When you carbon copy (CC) someone in an email (or other messaging medium) without their permission, where there may be a reason for the person to resent being included; for example if the content of the message is controversial.
Secretary: "Hey, you cold linked me in that message to the boss - why drag me into it?"

Office Worker: "The boss said to tell you you're fired."
by LordScree September 30, 2011
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another name for a broken link on a web site. It's the opposite of a "hotlink", which is an internet hyperlink that actually works. Generally used in reference to links on the world wide web, but sometimes used to describe IRL relationships.

"Why did you send me that broken URL to your heli over IM? It didn't work, it was a total coldlink!"
"Date Michael? Uh, never, we're totally coldlinked."
by tinathan May 30, 2007
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