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COLAPES is when something is really collapsing and hard to fix. Another word for exposed against a youtuber.

COLAPES originated from a youtuber named ntxgen720 aka Zaire when in one of his videos he was talking about another youtuber named BroKenGaMezHD and wrote that the youtuber was going down after the ''Colapes'' of SONY and he spelt collapse wrong.

After the video another youtuber named BLACKB0ND made a video about just the word ''COLAPES'' and the trend kept going. whenever someone was exposed they added the word ''COLAPES'' at the end.

exposed = colapes (youtube beef drama)
Example 1: ''Be careful Bond, if he catches you at Shoprite Pathmark, he's gonna knock you smooth out your loafers. #colapes''

Example 2: ''HAHAHAHAH he's so fakking dumb boii so exposed! COLAPES!

Example 3: ''You show us your Infamous Second Son trophies but not your 12k PC?'' #COLAPES
by PreezNT April 15, 2014
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