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A creature prone to death, destruction and violence. Known for there love of blood and flesh, Cokeslo's are regarded as the most demonic creatures walking the earth, they are naturally white, however may turn red after taking in a certain ammount of blood. If you do ever see a Cokeslo, be advised, they are prone to rip, rend, and tear flesh.
It is advised to never come in contact with a Cokeslo, however if you do, there is ways to protect yourself.
1: Wear religious apparel. Cokeslo's hate purity and light, and stray from it.
2: Hide. This is the most simple step, because of a Cokeslo's tiny sense for anything except death, it is very easy to hide from them, if need be.
3: Do not run, they smell blood.
If you do ever end up with a Cokeslo, do not run, they smell Blood, it is useless, however Cokeslo's if having filled with blood, cannot fly.
So i have warned you.
Never cross paths with a Cokeslo, or face certain death.
Oh my! There's a Cokeslo in that tree! HIT THE DECK!

"This is 911, what is your emergency"?
"There is a Cokeslo in my house"!
*hangs phone up*
by dafads December 08, 2008
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