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A small "po dunk" town in the middle of Minnesota. It was rated the number one town in Minnesota for living in. 85% of the people that live in this town are Finish, or more widely know as "Fin." The Finish believe that hockey is their God, and will do anything for it. They also believe that sauna is said like "soownahh," and hockey is spoken like "hockeeeeeeeeeeeey." Cokato is also completely surrounded by corn; they even have a festival honoring corn called the Corn Carnival. This town is so isolated that the schools there don't even have "cliques." Many a few will drive straight through this little "paradise," in search of towns that have actualy people in them.
Cokato is surrounded by corn, and have many Finish families. Most people will never know about Cokato, unless they are a tourist in search of a "cute" and "quaint" little town.
by 4theinnocent June 07, 2011
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