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Coffee Hangover is a stage of disorientation after a long day functioning on coffee when the effect wears off. This usually happens similar to a crash except at it's worst, usually on a long day of getting up early with minimal sleep. The coffee hangover consists of several stages.
1. Slight Irritation. You may become slightly annoyed or bothered. You probably are starting to lose some energy at this point.
2. Loss of Patience. You've lost patience with most things at this point. You just don't care by now and you can't stand being around people.
3. Mood Swing. You may become emotional, sad, or angry depending on your condition.
4. Disorder. By now you can't even walk straight and your words and thoughts don't make sense. You shouldn't attempt to communicate with another human being at this point.
5. Shutdown. At this point you have no energy left and you'll have to lay down. Don't even bother trying to sit up. You may pass out. Nothing but sleep, Acoma, or hibernation can fix this by now
I don't know if this definition makes sense because I'm on a coffee hangover.
by Anti-hater skater June 08, 2015
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