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This couple is madly in love with each other but beware because their relationship comes a lot of drama. Cody is more of a bad boy who gets into trouble who also cares too much about what others think of him but had a caring and graceful heart with talent while Camryn is a goody two shoes who always gets good grades and is very smart kind and not to mention beautiful in every way. This pair are likely to meet as teens and stay together till the end of time. Cody always manages to hurt Camryn without realizing it and is disrespectful and rude to her most of the time while Camryn sometimes pushes Cody around which makes him go over the edge with her bitchy attitude. But with this drama comes great things.This pair is also very likely to end up with children in the future and have very successful lives with each other with lots of money and amazing careers as adults.Although this couple has their ups and downs , They always manage to pull through and end up falling in love with each other all over again. This pair will fight, curse, scream, and even leave each other but in the end always end up back in each others arms and making love with one another. This couple is true is the true definition of true love.
Cody and Camryn make me wanna cry from happiness
by Obamalover42 April 03, 2016
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