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A subtly manipulative charming very charismatic person. His generosity knows no bounds and would do anything for a friend in need. He's clutch at everything and secretly thinks very highly of himself but doesn't let anyone know because he is also very humble. He only looks down on other people when he is helping them up. Also great at letting other people think that they are in control of a situation while pulling the strings himself behind the scenes. A bit of a hypocrite at times but always admits when he is wrong. Simply put, whether you're a girl looking for a passionate lover or a dude who needs a good friend, cody capper will never let you down.
Friend: Omg who's gonna take me home im so drunk
Cody Capper: I got you brah, hop in and have a smoke with me, where do you live?
by Themanhimself777 August 22, 2016
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