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To Gosh one's Cody is to turn off their computer unexpectedly. This is usually done in a violent manner such as ripping the cord from the wall, or making a lot of noise while you cram your finger into the power button as hard as you can. The term came from, I believe, the response of a person whose Cody had just been Goshed. It is also acceptable to do this by "Stealing" the target's mouse by use of USB mice and shutting down by the start button.
Note: Cody is used as a noun, Goshed as a verb.
"He was playing games in the computer lab, so the teacher Goshed his Cody."

"The screen went black and I knew my Cody had been Goshed."
"Get away from my Cody!"
"Don't make me Gosh you."
"I believe Cody Goshings are in order"(Upon finding someone using a computer in a way deemed a poor use of the computer, such as homework)

by Waywatcher5 June 05, 2007
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