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A guy who hides behind a momma's boy facade and will go out of his way to butter you up, so long as it's convenient for him. Has to frequently repeat to people how "nice" and "optimistic" he is, while insisting "I'm not a fuckboy".

He won't dump his girlfriend until he has the next one lined up and ready to jump into - has no issue leading them both on until the "side girl" concedes to being more than a booty call for him.

Will manhandle his partner in public and physically pull her away from other men, even if they aren't speaking to one another, and insists on having her account passwords even though he "forgets" his. Often asks to have his own free time but will not let his partner have hers.

If you confront him, he will cry and guilt trip you into apologizing for being upset with his actions.

Will also blatantly ignore a safe word until he's satisfied himself.
Your safety comes second to his entertainment.
He will lash out at his romantic partner's friends and drive them off one by one until all she has is him, thus forcing her to solely depend on him for comfort and emotional support.

Most common "bait" he uses with girls:
"I've never loved anyone like I love you, I feel like I can let my walls down with you."
Girl going to a friend about Cody - (The Bad Variant):
"Hey, we need to talk."
"What's up?"
"It's about Cody."
"I'm sorry... are you okay?"

After he leapfrogs to another girl in the same circle:
"Oooo, she's dating now?"
"Yeah, but... she's dating Cody."
"Oh no..."
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