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Code Lithium:
Can't be bothered to do something/anything

Code Lithium (red):
When someone doesn't want to have sex, because they are too tired or drunk to WANT to have sex. This doesn't apply if you can't have sex.

The origin of code lithium is from the case of Code Lithium (Red)
Person 1: "Please, PLEASE, stay for the end of the next 3 songs!"
Person 2: "Dunno man, pretty tired, code lithium tired..."
Person 1: "This is a Code Lithium Red!"
Person 2: "oh wow...we can finish the whole album man"
Person 3(gf): "hey ready to go to sleep yet?"
Person 1: "gonna stay up longer, you can go to sleep, I'll see you in the morning"
by AHappyCamper November 06, 2009
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