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Coconut Ciroc and Pineapple juice. A drink named after Diddy and Fabolous
We having a CocoLoso night.
by NICE167 September 07, 2010
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Invented by rapper Fabolous. Coconut flavored Cîroc vodka with pineapple juice.

The name = Coco (Short for cocunut) Loso (Fabolous' nickname)
Hell yeah, we can make a Coco Loso!
by xECKSx58 January 02, 2011
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1) Drink that rapper Fabolous invented which consists of Coconut Ciroc w/ Pineapple juice

How he came up with the name: 'Coco' means coconut in Spanish 'Loso' comes from "Fabuloso", which means Fabulous (or how he rather spell it 'fabolous') in Spanish as well.

Variation: "Cocolo" means black in Dominican Spanish/Slang so my guess is that Fabolous combined both terms "Coco" and "lo + so" to come up with "Cocoloso" in the end, very clever indeed.
by Bluetiful May 31, 2011
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P.Diddy defined it as Ciroc Coconut On The Rocks, No Chaser!
P.Diddy:"Bout 2 make me a COCO LOSO for all those that dont know thats Coconut Ciroc on the rocks-straight up NO chaser-If u don't know, now u know"
by GxExMxZ May 10, 2010
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