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Coco Bandicoot is a dream girl. She is intelligent, caring and tough as anything. I'm sure she could really knock Crash out. In CTTR she doesn't clobber him whenever he knocks into her because she doesn't want to lose her 'cute' image.
Coco Bandicoot can always see right through Cortex's lies. That's why he made sure she was out of the way at the beginning of Twinsanity (although it didn't quite work).
by StormSworder August 11, 2006
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Quite possible the cutest, sexiest and most desirable little furry thing ever to look gorgeous behind a TV screen. Younger sister to the lazy Crash, Coco is a dedicated learner, an expert at both computers and engine tuning, and is also highly skilled at Karate.

Coco favours the "girlie chick" look, with baggy off-the-shoulder dungarees and tight girly-fit tees, and pink trainers.

Despite her innocent appearance and girlie behaviour, behind closed doors Coco is an insatiable sex bandicoot. She enjoys bondage games - particularly being bound, gagged and shackled with a heavy ball and chain, and then tortured with strong ear-clamps on her long furry ears. She also masturbates regularly to lesbian bandicoot porn.
Ax: Hey man, Coco Bandicoot is just so hot. I had that dream again last night, where she came to me and pressed her warm furry body up against mine, and nuzzled me with her cold wet nose.

PP: You're fuckin' wierd, dude.
by Ax January 18, 2005
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