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1.A Person who thinks a lot of ones self. In other words being Cocky.
2. One who loves the Cock and is Homo. Used mainly as a put down.
1.-Bill thinks so much of himself.
-Yeah fuck that Cocky McCockstein.
2.Screw you!!
-Eat dick you Cocky McCocktein
by Derek "Nasty Boy" MIller October 31, 2006
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What all males are, nothing but a cockstain that grew into a bigger even cockier version with arms, legs, a goofy looking face, and usually a short actual cock, although blacks and some other groups are the worst kind of cocky since trying to call them out on having a short dick doesn't work. These groups are usually cockier than the others but women laugh with them instead of at them because women love it when a guy is 7'7 and plays basketball, ask wilt chamberlain.
by The Notorious B.U.G. August 09, 2016
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