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Cockophobia is the extreme fear of the scrotum and the penis.
If or when you whip out for penis, and your girlfriend screams, this is the fear of cockophobia.
by ksajdhfagdjkfgasfd June 28, 2006
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To be afraid of the male genatalia and run away becouse you think it will hurt you for no reason.

(mostly to some of the females)
Person 1: I railed my girlfriend last night did you?

Person 2: yup

Person 3: i didnt

Person 1:why not

Person 3: we were making out then she saw my hard on and she ran to the bathroom and crying and screaming for like 30 min's and went home

Person 1&2:bummer

Person 1:looks like your girl has Cockophobia man

person 2: is that even a real word

Person 2:yea it means shes afraid of cock dude get a new gf.
by MetalliThraX123 February 03, 2010
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