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Cockballs Assington III is an infamous Duke of Assington, a Province of South Wales. Cockballs Assington I hit it big by digging corn holes and harvesting large amounts of Ethanol. British Petroleum bought out his shares and Assington became "new money" overnight. His grandson, Cockballs Assington III is known for being a billlionaire playboy. A reckless spirit, whose fashion sense greatly surpasses his social graces, Assington has allegedly slept with over 10,000 women. Assington was once reported to have said, "I have more bastards than billions." The phrase"Cockballs Assington" is often used to denote great frustation or a state of utter shock and awe because of Assington's affronting nature.
Hey chap. Did you hear that the future Queen is a commoner?" "Holy Cockballs Assington!
by Assington's first bastard April 30, 2011
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