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Located on the beautiful Murray River, Cobram is an unpopulated town over-run by wogs and arabs. In a recent survey in which the locals were asked what they do to fill most of their time in, 85% answered "smokin' crack cunt".

The area is great if your cravin' a root, with over half the teenage population putting out for a lift to a joining town. If ya lucky, you'll cop a gobby in the toilets at maccas and if worst comes to worse, buy the slut a 50cent cone, she'll love you forever.

Drugs run the area, don't be fooled by it's relaxed feel during the day. At night the river-rats come out to play, and if you look rich, you won't when they walk past.

If you owe tic, pay up or get out, you'll end up getting stabbed over a gram of dope.

All in all, Cobram is a hole and if you feel like you are ready to die/have lived your life to the fullest and don't wish to continue, move to Cobram. 6 months on their shards and you'll be like a zombie from 28 days later.
Guy 1: hi mate, wanna come to cobram for the weekend?

Guy 2: you should be a comedian

Guy 1: fml
by Hoodratmotherfucker:O May 29, 2011
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