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a .net based website and forum where cobalt owners can talk and chat about their cars
I tried to get on last night but it said database error for 3 hours.
by Schnutz33 November 08, 2009
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The successor to the Chevy Cavalier. The base model, ls, lt, ltz all come with a 140hp 2.2L ECOTec inline 4. The SS Non supercharged comes with a 171hp 2.4L ECOTec inline 4 and runs a 14.8-15.2 In the 1/4 mile depending on how you drive. The SS Supercharged has a 205hp 2.0L ECOTec with a supercharger running 12lbs of Super boost, and runs 13.8's-14.3's depending on the driver. Chevy is canceling the SS non supercharged, and adding the turbocharged version, which uses the Pontiac Solstice GXP engine aka the Saturn Ion Redline engine, a 260hp 2.0L ECOTec turbocharged with 20lbs of turbo boost.
Wow that cobalt ss 4 door just ran a 14.8, yeah it's naturally aspirated too.
by MrThrax January 04, 2008
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It is a performance coupe. One of the newest members of Chevrolet's SS line of factory vehicles. The Cobalt SS is powered by a 2.4 liter straight four engine, it is aspirated by a Roots Supercharger, the output of this engine is 205 horsepower. The SS comes stock with 18 inch wheels and Pirelli PZero tyres. The Cobalt SS can pwn any Dodge Neon SRT-4 or even more powerful rice burners. Expect quarter mile times in the 13 second range. The SS pricing starts at around 20,000
My Cobalt SS just pwned your 300ZX on the track.
by Trey Fitzgerald May 11, 2006
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Chevy's lame answer to the Dodge Neon SRT-4. Expect high 14 second 1/4 mile times or even as high as low 15 seconds with the average female driver. The car costs around $20k new. Most drivers are complete dicks that cannot comprehend their shitbox is more competition for an Acura RSX base or a Nissan Sentra SE-R.
Joe: "Did you see the punk ass driving the Cobalt SS trying to pass the SRT-4?"

Brandon: "Yeah I saw it, that SRT-4 was just toying with him. The SRT-4 let the Cobalt jump ahead then pwned his bitch ass."
by srt4ownsu January 10, 2007
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A cheap economy car that was supposed to be Chevy's answer to the SRT-4, but fell far from the mark. The car has a supercharger that just can't supply the kind of power that the SRT-4 can. Typically people who purchase this car are total Chevy nut jobs who can't face reality, that regardless of what track, drag strip, or rally event you go to, the Cobalt SS will never be as quick as the SRT-4.
Jimmy "Hey man, why can't my Cobalt SS keep up with your SRT-4???"

Allen "Because my SRT-4 has some 30 more horsepower than your Cobalt SS, sucks to be you!!"
by Dale "Dillweed" Earnhard January 06, 2007
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