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Coawesome is really prononced cawesome because it is the mix of cool and awesome the cool way to say coawesome is the way it was jest stated Coawsome was created by two of the coawesome-est girls ever ally and rhy they are the girls everyone wants to be friends wt and are deffinetly the awesome and coolest which is y they invented this word to describe it.. oNLY coawesome ppl can use this word so If ur lame don't even use it! Coawesome ppl are usally swimmers too because swimmers r sexy beast who are amazing note: not all swimmers are coawesome
Erika: dang look at them I wanna b just like them. Erika: oh yeah they are totally coawesome. Brooke: do u think if o tryed to talk to them they'd answer? Erika: are u kidding?! Wer not cool enough for that
by Coawesome girl November 10, 2010
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