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A form of fried chicken created by Beatrice Middleton. Done by marinating the chicken in blueberry juice, thus imparting a blue color and sweet flavor. It is often eaten before Duke games to get into the mood to win. It was named after Duke basketball coach Mike "Coach K" Krzyzewski. Beatrice just happens to be friends with him being an alumnus of Duke herself.
Beatrice: Hey honey, are you hungry? I'm fixing you some Coach K Chicken. This is devilishly delicious!

Bryant: How do you make it? It looks like it tastes good.

Beatrice: You marinate the chicken in blueberry juice. It makes it sweet. Turns it a really pretty shade of blue, too. (screaming) GO BLUE DEVILS!

Coach K: Well if it isn't Beatrice Middleton herself. I hear you're making my chicken. I'm pretty hungry. The boys just had a big game. We smashed NC State good!

Beatrice: Okay, its almost done. (fries the chicken) Here, try this. See what you think of it.

(Coach K and Bryant try the chicken)

Bryant: Wow! This blueberry juice really pops. Its like a blueberry in my mouth.

Coach K: Good one, Beatrice! I haven't had this in a long time. I'm gonna have to teach the guys how to make this.

Beatrice: Well, if Coach K likes it, everyone will! This Gunny Granny sure can cook! Hey, there's a Duke game on. Let's take it in the living room, boys. This is going to be sweet. This is one kickin' chicken!
by Dusty's Baby Powder August 14, 2011
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