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Someone who spends all their time playing one of the various versions of the video game Call of Duty, typically Call of Duty 4 or newer games.

Characterized by their favor for profanity and often distinct homosexuality, they differ from their past incarnations as 'Halo gamers' because of all of their jargon. They often use words such as 'Prestige', 'noobtube', and 'no-scope'.

They are also known to buy a new Call of Duty game every year and claim that it is "The best game ever" which is in effect a paradox because there can only be one "best game ever".
Guy 1: *Sigh* I'm really bored...

Guy 2's Mom: What's wrong? Didn't you come over to hang out with junior?

Guy 1: Yeah but he's upstairs being a CoD Addict...

by ThePaleGuy December 13, 2010
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