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"Co-lone" is a word that describes the art of working alone with others to achieve a selfish goal. And when said goal is achived one double crosses his/hers friends in order take all for one self. The person who performs the act of "Co-lone" must also as a requirement actually wear cologne of a strong smelling expensive european kind. One must also preform a dramtic pause before uttering the word for the optimal satisfactory feeling of a double cross well done.

The word itself is a combination of these words Cooperative, Alone and Colonge
Otto: Well, we killed of all of those guards. Time to take what belongs to us... Wait, is that expensive european cologne I smell?
John: Sorry Otto, but I only work (dramatic pause) "Co-lone" (Gun shots).

Tommy: Hey Neil why are you the only one of us with a Gas mask? And is that expensive european cologne I smell?
Neil: Sorry Tommy, but I only work (dramatic pause) "Co-lone" (Gas is released from the AC)
by Zalamfly August 23, 2015
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