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"Clusterfucation" is the combination from the term Cluster Fuck. This word was originally created from an I.T. standpoint for use in corporate staff meetings at a large RV Manufacturer where foul language was not permitted. This word can also be use to describe an individual based upon something they did or are doing that will result in failure.

This origin of this word was due to a CIO who never had experience within an I.T. department and whos background was as a Director of Human Resources. When this person took control of the I.T. department, every project seemed to end up in total failure.

This phrase can also be used in conjunction with the term M&M's. See seperate definition for this.
This project/task did not go well. Time lines and objectives were not met and at each stage of this project/task seemed to bring on additional issues. The result of this has ened in nothing less than total Clusterfucation.
by hACmAN2u February 22, 2011
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