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Adj: A code word or warning to a friend another person is deceptively attractive in the ambiance of club lighting or in the darkness of a bar.

Origination: Observation that black and/or strobe lights in a club make most girls look attractive until the lights come on at the end of the night.

Synonym: But-her-face, fine from fifty feet away, brown bagger
1. Your buddy is grinding; about get a phone number; or go home with a girl on the dance floor whom he assumes is hot. You know for a fact her face is unacceptable in bright lights. The music is loud and you don't have the opportunity to explain so you heed the warning "clubblights bro, clubblights!"

2. You wake up the next day shocked find out the girl laying next tou appears as if a belt sander attacked her face in the middle of the night. Your buddies see her do the walk of shame, you justify with the phrase "clubblights." By declaring "clubblights" you are no longer responsible for the previous nights honest mistake orginating from the club light effect on girls.
by WrockHard October 23, 2005
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