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A bad ass crip walking, cap busting, skank killing, bitch slapping, wigga hittin, ass punching, shit kicking black gang of dark skinned negros.

"holy shit man, I heard clubslaben is in town we better get the fuck outta here!"

news reporter - "another 250 white men have been slaughtered by the notorious 'Clubslaben'. The victims were reportedly all found squeezed into the boot of a single car, tied up in banana skins, with peeled hot dogs stuck into every orifice. The police will not be following the incident up due to their lack of toes, which occurred from excessive rat nibbling, after the same gang put numerous rodents in the poilcemans shoes. The rats were later found to be imported from ethiopia and had sharpened teeth."
by Slorris March 18, 2006
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