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A club walrus is a big ratchet hoochie that steps up in the club thinking she is the biggest baddest and most beautiful thing on the planet. When really she is just an oversized version of a hood rat or "boogawolf." They are very loud, ugly, rude, and confrontational, and often have crooked, snaggletooth tusks. They have lots of blubber for padding to survive all the punches they throw at each other (See Although you can find them in the dark nether regions of dance clubs, their natural habitat is K.F.C. and Waffle House, as they subsist off a diet that is 80% fried chicken and 20% waffles/syrup. Their only known predators are each other and police.
Damn, that loud angry club walrus just punched Breadquanda! Lez get this on video so I can show Bonshaquitalafondria later.
by Al-Dawg-In-Da-House November 18, 2013
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