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The opposite of a Rainbow Party. To pull off this party 5-500 women of all ages, 18+, would put on different colors of lip stick, paint, what ever you got in between their legs and then a bunch of people would proceed to practice the art of cunninlynguist in hopes to end up with a face full of color by the end of the night. The king clown would be the one with the most colored face that resembles the classic painted clown face. This can only happen at a place deemed Clown Town and no artificial products like the Clown Town 4000 with 200 TPM (Tongues per minute) may be used.
Dude, as soon as I got to clown town last night the clownin party was happenin. By the end of the night I was King Clown with the red blush spots and everything!
by ClowninKing December 16, 2008
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