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When your Cloust becomes infected. The infection has several stages:

Stage 1 - Local infection. Most commonly occuring in the groin or arches of the feet. Can be cleared up with some antifungal cream.

Stage 2 - Well developed infection. Groin will itch incessantly, as well as the arches of the feet, but can still be cleared up with strong antifungal medication.

Stage 3 - Infection has spread to several other places and can no longer be cured. Symptoms will include telling long winded stories.

Stage 4 - It is only a matter of time now. Symptoms include ridiculous height to volume ratio.
Dude - Hey man, did you hear about Brad?
Other Dude - Yeah, man. I heard he has a Stage 2 Cloust infection and his groin is on fire!
by Tom Brady the g February 04, 2010
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