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Clouffie is the pairing of Cloud Strife and Yuffie Kisaragi, from Final Fantasy 7. The possibility of this pairing is plausible, due to some thoughts that "Yuffie's hyperactivity balances out Cloud's calm and reserved attitude".

Clouffie's are often humorous, with Yuffie cracking jokes or Cloud responding to Yuffie with a joke of his own (quite often more of a sarcastic or smartass response.)

Due to the possibility of Cloud/Aerith or Cloud/Tifa, most clouffie's have the others either dead (Aerith) or paired with someone else (in Tifa's case- Tifa/Reno, Tifa/Rufus, Tifa/Vincent are some notable pairings). Most clouffie's also deal with Yuffie trying to get Cloud to open up or lighten up, to which Cloud does either internally, only admitting to himself that he'll change, or externally, and the two admit feelings for one another.
Clouffie may not be the most popular pairing, but it is so much better than Cloti or Clerith. (How can you have a relationship with a dead person?!?)
by Clouffie4Eva September 07, 2009
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