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-VERB 1. To clog an artery. 2. To block an open artery. 3. to excessively accumulate junk at an important thruway.

-NOUN 1. A condition of a clogged artery. 2. Style of food served at informal venues (like tailgate parties, happy-hour bar appetizers, family picnics) 3. An accident on a highway that blocks all traffic indefinitely. 4. An expected obstruction at an emergency exit.
1. Wow, that sandwich is a clotery waiting to happen! 2. The tailgate party had a clotery of food choices. 3. The clotery at the emergency exit was caused by a scrum of evacuees and poor planning. 4. The internet clotery was caused by an overwhelming strain on their servers. 5. The convoy was delayed by the clotery caused by fog.
by Keli S Kear January 16, 2011
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