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When you try to dress/act/be "normal" to conceal your weirdness in order to cope with the prejudices of society (because being weird is socially unexceptable, especially in most southern regions of the United States where individuality is not appreciated and in some cases, feared. And of course, not to forget, the American high school where these principles take on different vicious form themselves.) These factors tend to lead to the oppressed seeking an outlet for coping with these injustices of our society. However promising this way coping with the oppression of weirdos may seem in the beginning, this strategy tends to leave the closeted feeling empty, cronically depressed, and even more oppressed as anger starts to emerge.
Teen #1: Hey, you know Madison, there is reason to suspect that she is a closeted weirdo.
Teen #2: How come?
Teen #1: Behind that "normal" façade of hers, probably lies a really unique and interesting person.

Teen #2: Nah, she's just as plasticas the rest of us. She's probably just another basic bitch.

Teen #2: Fine, suit your self.
by Closeted Weirdo March 10, 2015
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