Like fap fap, except when it's done by bronies (adult male fans of the kids show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic") while watching My Little Pony porn.
Brony 1: Hey dude, what took you so long?

Brony 2: Oh, um, well I saw some pretty hot Fluttershy drawings online, so, you know, clop clop. ;D

Brony 1: D:
by FatKidOnline May 24, 2012
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"Last night I heard a strange sound coming from the other room."
"What did it sound like."
"Clop clop clop."
by Zaeglamesh April 26, 2014
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Shoes that when walked in make a sound similar to "clop clop". These shoes generally have a large heel and are mainly worn by females.
I'm going shopping for some clop clop shoes today.

Louise has a really nice pair of clop clop shoes.
by Louise. G August 19, 2007
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