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Cloodus and em Is a way to describe two best friends with the strongest bond possible. They always understand eachother whether they're joking or serious, they're always there for eachother no matter what, and they're always finding ways to make the other happy as can be. A cloodus would do anything for an em. Cloodus would risk getting in serious trouble if it meant he could hang out with em, after all, they do have the best times together. They can always find something to buy no matter what store they go to and will always find something to eat, whether it's cookie dough or popcorn. Nothing can ever separate these two because they've got big plans for the future.
Wow is that cloodus and em over there ?
Yeah, they never leave eachothers side.
Damn , I wish I had friends like that.
by Clydo July 02, 2017
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