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The Music played by any American rock or Nu Metal band adept in the art of guitar distortion, power chords and repetitive meaningless lyrics. It doesn't matter if the music is Emo or upbeat, it's basically the same.

Any band considered a product of the great Clone Wars of the 00's. Examples of these oldschool Clone Rock bands include Linkin Park, Alien Ant Farm and Blink 182... bands so alike it would be difficult to pick one from the others in a line-up.
Guy: Is this My Chemical Romance or Funeral for a Friend?
Guy 2: I thought we were listenig to Bullet for my Valentine!
Guy 3: Oh, for a second there I thought Fallout Boy had gone all dark.

Guy: Is it my imagination or has this band been playing the same song for the past 45 mins.
Guy 2: No, this is Clone Rock, there are subtle differences.
by Jackelrayn June 27, 2006
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