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You have to be a creator of cool phrases like me.

Then your Clockedtasticity will skyrocket
by Soopahfly June 26, 2004
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I am Clock'd 0Ne, I created this fine rating system to be used originally in the review of films. It has now grown beyond this confine and is being used internationally throughout Europe and America as a rating for anything deemed worthy of such a highly regarded system.

Each w00t! rating up to a possible maximum of five constitutes one logarithmic degree of satisfaction with the subject of the rating. Thus, a w00t! rating of five is many, many times greater than a w00t! rating of one.

Suitable w00t! smilies may be used to create a graphical representation of the rating, although these cannot be used without the obligatory writing of the number of w00t!s

Clockedtastic rating: 5 w00ts!

I don't care what happens now really, baguettes have won. They carry a Clockedtastic seal of approval.

Hmm, fascinating..
Either way, I still stand by Choccy Fudge Cake as being Clockedtasticβ„’ above all other flavours.
by Clock'd 0Ne June 27, 2004
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