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The Man who makes Chuck Norris look like Richard Simmons.

If you have seen the movie Shoot 'Em Up you know what I speak of...this man can kill you with a carrot...
The Baddest S.O.B on any action movie...Bruce Willis comes in second to this guy
He is a badass british actor who can kill 50 men at one time with a gun in his left and a baby in his right.
you know what that's like...o wait you dont because you're not Clive Owen
"Chuck Norris should watch his ass, here comes Clive Owen (Smith)"

Donna: "Who are you Mr. Smith?"
Smith: "I'm a British Nanny and I'm Dangerous"

Hertz: "What's a matter, you don't like that story? Why dont you tell me one...I know, how about the one with the woman and the baby"!
Smith: "Maybe later, when i'm putting you to sleep".
by Black Knight17 January 10, 2008
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