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A Clint Johnson is one awesome dude, normally everyone want's to be his friend, but he is in fact just to cool to be friends with such people. Clint, Is a very very funny guy. Makes up good nicknames right on the spot. Clint's are normally short, and strong. I wouldn't fuck with a guy named Clint Johnson it'd be your biggest mistake, although he is small, he is one mighty mother fucker :) lol. not only that, How would anyways, everyone loves a Clint. He is just the sexiest man out there. A Clint, Can also hit bongs, like no tomorrow, he is normally a pothead, but a really smart guy. So take notes :) haha
Guy-1 " damn i wish i was as good looking as that guy, his name must be Clint"

Guy-2 " man your right, and that isn't just a Clint, omg it's a Clint Johnson, brb broo going to get a picture with him. this is soo rare" :D lolol
by Smegs :D February 03, 2012
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