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Clinkhamwood or 'Clink' as its refered to as the locals is a sub urban area within St Helens, Merseyside. it is situated near Carmil and is an infamous settlement. Clinkhamwood is known to inhabited by vandels, gangsters, phychos, thugs, chavs, thieves, murderers etc. It is commonly over run with poilce enforcers patrolling the area by law. it has had several illegal and dangerous incidents within the past week, hell by the time you have finsihed reading this some one in clinkhamwood will of know doubt been slaughtered. it has been voted by the Merseyside public as the 'Roughest Place on Earth' and has recently claimed a guiness world record for the most stabbings in one minute a record which was previously held by Brooklyn New York. it however has had sitings of various gun incidents a unfortunatly the people who sited them sadly where victoms. all in all Clinkhamwood is a dangerous area and is advised to keep away from it at all times
Clink Resident: Hey have you seen any police around here?
Pedestrian: No
Clink Resident: Good! well stick em up!

Trevor McDonald: You know that a place is rough when you see 10 police cars parked up and no Doughnut Shop

Wounded Man: i witnessed my first ever drive by from a car window when i visited clink and i was only there to pick up my AK-47

OJ Simpson: n i thought i was bad till i visited Clinkhamwood
by Steve Grahams July 12, 2009
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