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Speaking for the players in the game Destiny, many likely view this gun to be the most OP (overpowered), cancer and unbalanced gun to ever be put in Destiny aside from Grasp of Malok and other such guns that have been nerfed. For those who own and abuse a god roll clever dragon (such as myself) it is a gift from God but, for our poor victims it is the harbinger of death.
This gun is a fast firing pulse rifle that can kill enemy players in less than a second (.7 sec I believe).
Note: For those who are not Destiny players (why are you here?) a god roll gun has certain perks that increase the abilities of a gun to make it amazing and godly.
Note II: To nerf is basically to update a gun to not be as good or overpowered.
Brother raging at 1 in the morning on a school night: "This guy with his badly rollled Clever Dragon mapped me! He doesn't have a single stability or range perk! How is this possible?"
Random lucky noob playing Iron Banner for the first time: "I got some gun called the Clever Dragon. Is this good? I should probably discard it." *Equips the gun and friends die due to it being a god roll*
by SomeOnlineScrub January 19, 2017
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a kind of person you can never trust. he knows youre moves and how you will play them
watch out dont tell him anything he is a cleverdragon
by NotHolySkully March 19, 2017
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