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Get a coconut and have the girl break it open for you. Have the girl jerk your dick off with one hand, while one finger on the other hand is just chilling in your asshole. You then jizz into the coconut water (Keep in mind she is fingering your asshole the whole time). After jizzing into the coconut water, she puts the finger that was in your asshole in the coconut, mixes the coconut water and jizz with her shitty finger, and then drinks the coconut water.
Noah, how is your new girlfriend?

She is really good. She gave me a Cleveland Coconut behind the Arby's.

Man, that's super sweet!

She also let me Butter Munch her!

No way! Is that it?

Afterwards, she watched me and Matt rejerkulate behind the Arby's
by All Hail King Mathyall December 29, 2013
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