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The west side suburbs of cleveland each have their own character, but all the kids in them know each other because most of the towns are very small. Rocky River is known for businesses, being on the lake, and an intense rivalry with their neighboring suburb, Bay Village. Better known as Bay or “the bubble”, this small village is filled with lake mansions and judge soccer moms. the kids there like overachieving, marching band, sports, weed, and beating River (which they always do). Also, they’re ALL white, and the school system is so good that there are never any physical fights. This creates an atmosphere where pretty much everyone is fake and most girlsuse each other for popularity. Westlake is a weird mix of rich and poor, mainly noteworthy bc of crocker park (a giant outdoor shopping complex that every kid in the area hangs out at) and the inexplicably huge Arab population. They lose pretty much every sports game, all the time. Elyria Catholic and Holy Name are Parma’s two private schools, both being actually pretty broke. Parma itself is the worst place on the planet- there’s no trees or grass there, just sprawling failed businesses and ugly developments. most people there are white-trashy, racist, and overall a mess. finally, we have north ridge like. ridgeville, like parma, is pretty white and working class. kids there are always getting into fights or doing drugs. however, they’re actually pretty fun.
Man, those cleveland suburbs are wack. kids there don’t know how to act
by zuzi612 December 30, 2019
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