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The act of swapping swear words for similar sounding words. Because of a study that went on for 60 - 70 years showing that if you swear in a lifetime you can die 20 - 30 years younger than the average life span.
Fuck = Fudge
Shit = Shite*
Bitch = Biatch
Motherfucker = MotherTrucker
Ass = Butt/Booty
Arse = Bum
Dick = Penis/Balls/nuts
Prick = Pleb
Retard = n00b
Dafuq = Dafudge
Wanker = Tosser
Masturbate =Fap/Shlick
Piss = Pee
Asshole/Arsehole = A hole
Slut,Whore,Slag,skank,hoe = Chav
Fucktard = Fudgetard

Also you can swap words and letters around such as:
Stupid Cunts = Cupid Stunts
Cunt Muffin = Munt Cuffin
Dick Biscuit = Bick Discuit
Cock Nozzle = Nock Cozzle
Dildo Rider = Rildo Dider

Pussy Jockey = Jussy Pockey

Although the last half is not proven clean talk and could result in premature death.

*not proven clean talk
by got balls? April 04, 2014
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