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Clay disease is a virus that causes some of the coolest dudes to turn to pure shit. It is quite serious and has many negative effects. Clay disease can be airborne, as well as contracted through physical and mental contact. Some symptoms of Clay Disease are as followed:

Pigeon Neck
White specks on hands
Extreme acne
Bad logic skills
Socially retarded
Cant spell
Ashy toes
Lack of friends
Booty diggers
Dirty room
Sex addiction
Stalker Swag
Midget thumbs
Obsessive masturbation
Pot addiction
Small bladder
Sweating excessively
Anal sores
Small dick
Swollen ass cheeks

If you show signs of Clay disease, consult a cool person IMMEDIATELY! Clay disease is serious, and can even be fatal.... kinda. Lets just say you'll be bald, lonely, and a loser.
Lee: ehmagod! did u see robert? he totally has Clay Disease! and how uncool is that? i mean now hes bald and ugly!

Emily: IKR!

Alex: AHAHAHAHAH.... oh no guys..... specks! WHITE SPECKS! GET ME A COOL PERSON FUCKING NOW!!!!!!!!
by totallyhot December 31, 2010
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